How to Build Upper Chest

Hey guys in this video I give you a few exercises on how to build your upper chest. If you’re not hitting your upper chest you are missing a huge part of an overall aesthetic chest. When you only hit flat bench, it doesn’t target your upper pecs. Mainly mid and lower. If you neglect the upper chest you’re going to get some man boobs. You don’t want that lol If you want to get that nice line going down your chest, these exercises will definitely do the trick. Remember to see any type of definition you are going to need to be at a low body fat percentage. Whenever you go into the gym, remember to always hit your weak points first. If you keep neglecting your weak points and focus on stronger points, than your body won’t be proportioned correctly. It’s all about being symetrical. Having a great upper chest will really make you stand out. It’s a bit tougher to target, but with practice and good mind muscle connection, it can be done. You have to squeeze and contract the muscle as best as you can. I hope you enjoy this video on how to build upper chest for an aesthetic super hero looking body. Make sure to like and subscribe!

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How to Burn Fat and Build Muscle

Hey guys in this video I teach you how to burn fat and build muscle. Now this IS POSSIBLE. Some people might say that it is impossible to learn how to burn fat and build muscle, but I am here to say that they are wrong. If you’re a beginner, learning how to burn fat and build muscle is essential for your fitness journey. If you’ve been lifting for a while, than you know that learning how to burn fat and build muscle is less effective over time. Reason is, is because your body gets used to it over time. That’s why beginners should take advantage of learning how to burn fat and build muscle, because in the beginning is when it is most effective. Once you learn to track your calories and train properly, than burning fat or building muscle won’t be an issue. I hope you enjoy and get a ton of value. Try this out, it works only if you want it too! Thanks for watching. Like, comment, & subscribe!

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Learning this is the best thing a beginner can do. Once you learn how to discipline for this goal. In the future, losing weight or building muscle will be such an easy task! Thank you!

Why Nutrition Is More Important Than Working Out

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Why Nutrition is More Important Than Working Out. Many people don’t understand that it’s not the working out that gets you lean, it’s actually what you eat. If you’re still eating more calories than what your body needs to sustain it’s weight, you’re NEVER going to lose weight. Even if you’re working out 7 days a week. Don’t spin your wheels, do it right and dial in on your nutrition. In this video I go more into depth about why nutrition is more important than working out. I hope you enjoy and make sure to subscribe!

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How to Burn Belly Fat & Stubborn Areas

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How to Burn Belly Fat and Stubborn Areas. I wish I could sit here and tell you that we can spot reduce fat on command. The truth is we can’t. When we lose fat from our bodies the LAST place to lose it is in our lower abs and lower back. In this video I show you 3 ways to get rid of your stubborn fat areas so that you can finally achieve the body you want! I hope you enjoy and remember to keep making them damn gainz!

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Strength Training for a Tighter Body

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Strength Training for a Tighter Body is the best way to tighten yourself up. Getting stronger in the gym will force your muscle to grow, where as doing the same amount of weight all the time will cause you to get less results. Confuse your body, focus on strength and adding more weight and volume. When muscle is built it helps burn fat a lot faster! In this video I show you a few ways to get stronger and how to do it safely. I hope you enjoy and follow me on my social media. Make sure to subscribe to keep updated with me.

How to Lose Weight Fast & Easy

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Hey everyone I hope you played the video above this, because it reveals the golden rule that you need to know about losing weight. If you did not see the video, I suggest you see it, because it can REALLY help you in achieving your fitness goals. I’m Brandon & I’d like to help you on your fitness journey.

Is it possible to lose weight fast & easy? Can you burn fat and build muscle at the same? (this if for women & men) Yes, it is and on this page I’d like to show you how to do “the impossible” so you can achieve the body you’ve always wanted. First you must understand that when you’re working out, results don’t happen overnight.  Nothing great comes easy, but if you really put in the time & dedication you can achieve that summer body you’ve always wanted. But how do you burn fat & build muscle? How do you achieve this at the same time? I will teach you how to accomplish this & give you great tips to make it easy for you. I know these things, because I’ve struggled with obesity as a child and have tried EVERYTHING you can think of to get rid of the excess weight. Everyone wants the “bikini body” or 6 pack abs but don’t understand that you need to be lean (low body fat percentage) and actually have some muscle to keep together nice and tight. If this is you, you are at the right page. If you’d like to receive more valuable information like this, please leave your e-mail in my sign up form for FREE content.

Burn Fat

Burning fat or cutting weight seems to be the biggest issue with people nowadays, because we jut can’t seem to say no to the foods we love. But, who says you can’t enjoy the foods you love when dropping fat?  The key factor in losing weight is that you need to be in a caloric deficit. I can’ stress enough on how important being in a caloric deficit really is. Burning fat is a numbers game and it doesn’t mean you have to cut out the foods you love to accomplish this goal. No matter what, as long as you’re in a caloric deficit you will always lose the weight. You first need to figure out how many calories your body needs to sustain its weight. Once you figure out that number, subtract 200 – 300 from it & you will burn the fat! I’s pretty simple, if you go over the number you will gain weight and if you stay under the number you will lose weight! So, you must always remain in a caloric deficit until you have finally reached your ideal weight. Let’s face it, nobody wants a gut & everyone wants to look good & as you read along I’ll show you some helpful tips to burn it all off & keep it off. If you want to lose fat instantly in 21 days, I suggest you check out The 3 Week Diet. Click the link in sidebar.

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